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Empowering Business Through Automation 

Your tech-enabled platform to transform and simplify operations.


About Gotsdone

We are the behind-the-scenes superheroes ready to conquer your admin and/or compliance demons.


At Gotsdone, we are the comprehensive, tech-enabled platform you’ve been looking for, so you can unleash your superpowers and focus on what you do best, while we take care of all the administrative needs, saving you time, money and resources.  


Explore our range of specialized solutions, tailored to meet your needs


Business Establishment & Legal Framework

  • Incorporation and structuring of new companies (both in and outside the UAE) 

  • Legal Services (covering all types of legal services that a startup might need) 

  • Trademark Registration 

  • Company Secretary Services 


Human Resources & Talent Management 

  • HR Services (including hiring and recruiting, performance reviews, payroll, etc.) 

  • Compliance Services (with all regulators in the UAE or outside the UAE) 

  • PRO Services 


Financial & Accounting Oversight

  • Tax Filing (VAT, Corporate Tax, ZATCA, etc.) in the UAE or outside the UAE 

  • Tax Advisory Services 

  • Accounting and Auditing Services 

  • Bank Account Opening (in and outside the UAE) 


Risk Management & Assurance

  • Insurance Services 

  • Compliance Services (with all regulators in the UAE or outside the UAE) 

  • Treasury Services 


Technological Infrastructure & Support 

  • Hardware as a Service 

  • DevOps Sales 


Why Partner with Gotsdone

Explore cutting-edge tech solutions and tap into unique equity opportunities with Gotsdone.

Get ready to ride the wave with a crew that spans startup surfers to industry titans. We are the REAL drivers of innovation and growth.  


What we offer

Decades on Industry Experience

Unrivalled Service Standards

Rock-solid Reputation

Committment to Excellence  

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